Distribution taken to the next level.

ROCOR TEQ's target is to deliver the right technology at the right time at the best possible value for the customer. This enables our future.


We become a major market participant in the Central European area and bring people into contact with progressive technology, while at the same time supporting them in their professional work in a powerful and sustainable way.

​The aim is the implementation of the latest technology into useful products and solutions in the professional and industrial environment.


We take the initiative. In the long run, it counts what really differentiates and makes sense. Our job is to reconcile the latest and future possibilities of the suppliers with the requirements and needs of the customers and to unite the tried and tested in a new way.


Our customers should always be surprised by the quality and integrity of our products and services. The largest customer benefit is our latest knowledge coupled with many years of implementation experience, resulting in cost-optimized solutions, with high quality. Collaboration with us should be as simple and uncomplicated as if we were part of the organization of the customer.


The interesting and varied tasks as well as a good work climate, which attracts powerful, dynamic and optimistic colleagues. Our team consists of experienced and junior experts, all with the mentality of entrepreneurs who have extensive knowledge in theory and practice and work together as an interdisciplinary team. Our company wants to provide the team with medium and long-term secure jobs and remain an attractive employer in the future.


We observe the technological development in terms of its usefulness and usability in the industrial environment. We want to examine the new products of our suppliers and to support the developers on the customer side that they can really use the most promising solutions. We aim to build and maintain long term relationships on all functional levels with suppliers as a reliable, friendly, strong and focused team, leading them to a great success in Central-Europe.


We are a project-driven company. Trustworthiness and consistency are demonstrated by our experienced reliability, reliable statements, timely and comprehensive orientation, clarity of our offers and communication on the same level.